A Time to Rejoice

December is a Time to Rejoice
A time to sing
A time to share
A time to forgive
A time to repair
A time to give
A time to receive
A time to praise God
And offer thanks for His Son.

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A Time to Look at the Wonders

November is a time to look at the wonders of the earth
A time to notice the beautiful gifts of life
A time to feel thankful
A time to kneel in humility
A time when gratitude replaces complaints
A time to sing praises to the Lord.

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A Time for Light

The morning rays illuminate reality and the imaginations of the dark are vanquished.
Studies of the moon and the stars use light to explore possibilities of the universe.
Newly hatched chicks receive the warmth of life from the constant shining of light bulbs.
Contrasting light with shadows is the unlimited and ongoing creation of the artist.
An enlightened mind is open to hopes, dreams and goals.

Light is the gift from the Creator of all as a reminder of His light and love.

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A Time to be Thankful

Thankful thoughts can change adversity into a time of blessing.
Sometimes it takes pondering to notice something to be thankful for.
When seen up close, oft-times the ordinary details of life becomes marvelous.
When seen from a distance, painful experiences can be diminished.
All things, seen with thankful eyes, are transformed into rainbows of hope.

Seeing the positive (instead of criticism and disappointment) in those around us
Increases our appreciation for them and fills our hearts and minds with peace and joy.
Feeling thankful for those around us becomes easier and our lives feel blessed.

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A Time to See

It is a time to notice and feel gratitude for the joys in life –
As conflicts in families are diminished, then joy is strengthened.
The precious secret to happiness is to notice the wonders –
Pay little attention to the disappointments –
Remember each being has a difficult path –
Allow them to walk in their own way –
Notice the positive – Diminish the negative
Even the cactus is a wondrous plant and the desert a place of discovery.

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A Time to Remember

All memories are stored within the heart and mind,
waiting to come forth without notice.
However, each being has the capacity to choose
which memories to strengthen or diminish
and thus choose whether to strengthen memories of conflict or peace.

The chosen memories can then weave
the patterns of peace and hope in the midst of conflict.

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Times of Joy

Why is it that finding joy is so illusive? It seems that one spends life
looking forward to accomplishing a goal that will bring joy
without really feeling the satisfaction of joy in the moment.

The hours, days, months and seasons change and stream by
as quickly as clouds on a stormy day.
As daily events come and go,  storms seem to be prevalent.
Peaceful feelings of Spring are quickly forgotten in the heat of summer.
Yet, there is so much beauty and peace to be seen and felt during the storms.

In the play, “Our Town,” Emily asks,
“Does anyone ever realize life while they live – every, every minute?”
I would suggest that the question be,
Do I discover joy while I live each and every day, even if difficult –
at least for a few moments?

True joy can be and must be found in the simple things of life during ordinary living
so that when one approaches the winter season of life
there will be a heart full of gratitude and peace.
Then it can be said, as my Papa said shortly before death in his old age,
“Life is full of experiences, not necessarily good nor bad,
which should be received with gratitude for the lessons we learn.”

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